Hop2it Trade & Property Exchanges

Hop2it operates a global Trade & Property Exchange and our Supported Venture services provide many of our trading companies with a means of introduction to investors and other Members who have interest in the development and uplift they may receive from the success of these exciting Ventures which we support as far as IPO and beyond.

We provide you with the means to buy or sell a property or unproductive products or your services that you wish to move which in turn increases the pool of resources available for trade. Hop2it operates similarly to a mutual company where Members benefit through dealing with each other as opposed to operating solely in the open market. Hop2it is a barter trading system that links you directly with a network of like-minded trading partners, especially for real estate. Hop2it is an alternative and exclusive distribution network which can assist you to retain your fiat cash and build your profits and expand your customer loyalty.

Hop2it provides Deposit Loans for Members wishing to purchase or invest in real property. In general, a deposit of 20% of the LVR, (Loan to Valuation Ratio) is required by a traditional lender such as a bank. This level of cash investment is many cases can be a barrier to entry for first home buyers or “mom and dad” property investors. The Buying Member can apply for a Deposit Loan, which Hop2it can then provide in this example, the 20% deposit required to complete the transaction subject to the Vendor accepting the 20% deposit in Hop2it digital Trade Dollars.

What are Trade Dollars?

When your cash or credit is short or restricted, it’s time to discover the power of Hop2it’s digital Trade Dollars as a financial tool to buys goods, services, and high ticket items such as property, and conserve fiat cash.

Property Trading Advantages

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A summary of the benefits that businesses who are Members of Hop2it Trade Exchange typically derive include:

  • Increased sales;
  • Improved cash-flows by reducing the need for cash;
  • An increase in the size and diversity of their customer base;
  • Access to new markets;
  • Interest-free credit lines, reducing the cost of funding working capital;
  • Accelerated accounts receivable;
  • Ability to market to a captive audience in the form of the Trade Exchange membership;
  • Increased ability to manage and balance fluctuations in production and overtime;
  • Additional resources via a network of Hop2it Brokers and Wealth Centres actively interested in building a Member’s sales, private or business, and helping them to maximize the value available to them using on trade or barter as opposed to their cash.
  • Realized value for under-utilized assets;
  • Access to cash savings through the use of Hop2it Trade Dollars to meet private or business expenses.

Members, Developers & Agents List Property

Request A Copy Of Our Offer Documents

If you are interested in Investing in our Venture or Property Funds in support of our start-up’s or earning dividends from debenture loans or property profits, simply request our Private Placement documentation below. Make sure you have Registered as Member and you are Logged in.

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