Gregory P.E. Hannan

Hop2it Group Chairman

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Hop2it website. Since I founded this project in 2012 it has undergone many changes. Recently we have worked through the global pandemic and restructured the Group for the betterment of all Members.

Gregory P.E. Hannan

Chairman, Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd

Mr. Gregory Hannan has been in the IT field as a professional software developer and author since the ’70s, when, while serving in the Australian Special Warfare Group. He realized the power and potential of the internet many years before the “world-wide-web’s” release. Mr. Hannan also headed up the Megamantis Project a classified “photon-based” platform developed to move voice, data, and video packets over light (photons). He now applies this knowledge to the development of renewable power (, a Hop2it Venture. In the ‘80’s he developed a keen interest both in digital currencies and financial security and protection for merchants when processing checks (cheques). In the late 1980s following the release of “Digicash” he developed, released, and subsequently sold the “ChequeNet” Program, a means of clearing and securing the use of physical checks (cheques) in Australia and New Zealand to a public listed mercantile agency.

Through the ’70s and 80’s while at Garran Hall Australian National University and Canberra College of Advanced Education, Gregory spent time on the family 5,000-acre property at West Wyalong, south west NSW, where his father grew and distilled Eucalyptus Polybractea or ‘blue mallee’ to produce oil and other by-products, including organic fertilizer from the waste steam-sterilized biomass. Although engaged in a separate martial career, during that time, Gregory obtained civilian boiler, steam, and cold press distillation operation certification and trained with Dr. Tim Denny in Essential Oils from a sister Lavender Oil property and laboratory in Tasmania. Guided by an Irish father who had significant military, and then horticultural qualifications and farming experience, Gregory formed a real interest in the propagation of Australian native plants and the extraction of enzymes and other elements such as Cineole, extracted from eucalyptus oil by a freezing process, and enzymes from which anti-inflammatory components are extracted to assist in health and wellness supplements. In 2015 Gregory applied this knowledge and experience to the Cannabinoid (CBD) industry in the USA and Hemp Industries made lawful in Australia in 2016.

Gregory’s interest in horticulture and farming continued on a part-time basis until moving from the said martial career in the mid-’90s when he commenced consulting to Australia’s largest internet service provider and its subsidiaries, directed at that time by the previous Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball. Mr. Hannan honed his skills in “Online Payment Solutions”.  Simultaneously, in 1997, Mr. Hannan purchased and started developing his own “Smart Loyalty” debit card business MainStreet Money ( in the USA and Australia and then, commenced work with current business partners on eCommerce, payment, and investment solutions still active today. In parallel, Good Food Addict Pty Ltd, a company doing the heavy lifting in Hop2it’s Green Ventures, itself an agricultural project, was incorporated in 1998. Interest and trials in propagation and cultivation of plants and tree products such as Cassava, an edible root crop, and Paulownia, a unique timber, both of which produce ethanol and can be used as animal fodder simultaneously. In 2006 Gregory obtained significant Government Grants (AUD$600,000) to propagate and derive secondary products from these and other plants and to develop other supplements and technologies from horticulture.

In addition to fulfilling the role of Founding Chairman of the Group, Mr. Hannan is a “hands-on” working Director and has interests in our connected international Hop2it and MainStreet companies. Over the past six years, these companies have been restructured as FINTEC and Import & Export Trading Exchanges with operational backbones of global digital trade currency payments, and services platform.

Additional personal profile information can also be seen by visiting Gregory on LinkedIN, or his personal website at:

He is on Skype: greghannan or Mobile and WhatsApp:  +61 404 206 660, or;


The Contribution that Gregory makes to the Company is in Bio-supplements derived from plants, Information Technology, Export, and Global Trading, Trade Exchange Management, and supervision of global Trading Member Network, he provides directorship, day-by-day management support, and direction to Good Food Addict Pty Ltd, MainStreet Money Pty Ltd, Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd, Magno Energy Pty Ltd, and of course, the Hop2it group of companies, sub management, and their supported ventures.

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