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Hop2it commenced business in 2012 in Hong Kong importing Infant Formula into China after a melamine scare in that country. The company closed its doors in 2018 after Civil unrest in Hong Kong and management concentrated on local business ventures. In 2020 a new holding company was incorporated in Singapore from where the Hop2it Ventures are now supported.  

Hop2it Venture Share Prices

Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd

Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd

Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd

Coonambula Resources Grp

Pavstar Pty Ltd

Australian Liquid Fertilizer

Good Food Addict Pty Ltd

Murrumbooee Foods Pty Ltd

Magno Energy Pty Ltd

Shares Available – 200,000,000 @ SG$1.00c per Ordinary Share direct in Hop2it Holdings in Singapore

Shares Available – 5,000,000 @ AUD$1.00c per Ordinary Share which receive profits from all Australian Ventures listed here

Shares Available – 50,000,000 @ AUD$0.52c per Ordinary Share direct in ADK’s Kaolin and Oil Shale Mine

Shares Update – Shares Previously Offerd By CRG Are No Longer Available After A Trade Sale Completed on 1st December 2021 – Refer to Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd

Shares Available – 5,000,000 @ AUD$0.78c per Ordinary Share direct in the Nukinenda Gold Mine

Shares Available – 250,000 @ AUD$1.47c per Ordinary Share direct into ALF’s Fertilizer, Fodder and Herbicide company

Shares Available – 5,000,000 @ AUD$0.12c per Ordinary Online and POS business

Shares Available – 100,000 @ AUD$0.98c per Ordinary Share direct into the Murrumbooee Australian and International Condiment manufacturing business

Shares Available – 500,000 @ AUD$0.96c per Ordinary Share direct into the Magno Energy Renewable Energy technology and business

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Get Here

Between 2013 and 2018 Hop2it operated in Hong Kong. With the onsert of civil unrest  we withdrew back to our business ventures. We continued to support our investments in Australia and the USA and consolidated them into the four (4) industry sectors we now specialize in; Resource Mning, the Green Sector, Renewable Energy and Property. 

With the onset of the Corvid 19 Pandemic in late 2019, we looked for synergistic businesses to merge with or acquire. In 2020 we incorporated a new company in Singapore to act as our holding company to manage and govern our supported venture assets.



Through 2018 and 2019 we consolidated our business interests in Asia and this included our interests in companies in Thailand that provided us with Personal Protection Equipment which we sold to the US and UK agencies to maintain revenue to maintain Hop2it’s interests.

We spent 2020 consolidating our Resource Mining and Green Sector businesses and incorporated a new Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd company to manage and trade Australian and Asian ventures. The results of our endeavors have been to survive the Hop2it brand through the global pandemic and protect our invested interests.

Our Company Mission & Business Ventures

The company’s mission is to acquire property and security assets from profitable ventures that can provide dividends to our Members.


To seek out, and either merge or acquire company’s involved in mining resources, green projects, or disruptive technology.


Our corporate vision has also been to acquire property assets and equity in profitable ventures.


The Directors have strong values of integrity and loyalty. With years of experience in the development of start-ups and other disruptive technology, the maintenance of these values is both mission-critical and part of the company’s business mandate.

Recent Years

The Proof is in the Numbers


Invest in Hop2it

Undertaking management changes in the USA. The Chinese Communist Party took over Hong Kong. Our banking facilities became challenged. We closed Hong Kong company and in 2020 regrouped in Singapore and Australia to support the US.

  • Management changes
  • Hop2it Hong Kong closed in 2018
  • Business Consolidation
  • Australian Company 2020
  • Singapore Company 2020


Invest in Mining

2019, returned to develop ventures in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. Corvid 19 pandemic hit years-end. Consolidated Australian ventures.

  • Moringa cultivation
  • Hemp Seed project
  • Develop PPE venture
  • Market PPE to the US
  • Renewable Energy Venture
  • Mining Ventures in view

Corvid 19 Pandemic arrives. Business disrupted and placed on hold.


Invest in Green

A new company Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd was incorporated to manage a growing number of Australian ventures. Banking and other facilities were set up to complement the new Singapore company.

  • Hop2it Australasia
  • Good Food Addict
  • Murrumbooee equipment inspected
  • Australian Fertilizer
  •  Resource Mining Ventures

Corvid 19 Pandemic in full swing worldwide.


Invest in Tech

Agreements were entered into with PPRD to acquire equity and IP.  A new entity Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd set up to trade. In addition, Gold and Arsenic EMP and Mining Licenses are being managed.

  • Hop2it Australasia
  • Good Food Addict
  • Murrumbooee
  • Australian Fertilizer

Kaolin and Oil Shale resource mining venture commenced in north Queensland.

Although Corvid 19 still affecting business, Queensland Australia has been hit lightly and business as usual.

Our Experts

Meet Our Team

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Gregory P.E. Hannan

Gregory P.E. Hannan

Group Chairman

Arun Ramachandran

Arun Ramachandran

Executive Director

Paul Brandenburg

Paul Brandenburg

Executive Director

Diversified Portfolio

Our Ventures

We have acquired significant positions in ventures that span three primary industry sectors from mining resources, green food and wellness, and renewable technologies.

Mining Resources

Mining Resources

Queensland Australia

Green Projects

Green Projects

Food, Wellness, Fodder & Fertilizer

Renewable Energy & IT

Renewable Energy & IT

Magnetically Generated Power

Contact Us

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If you have any questions about any of our business ventures of Hop2it Membership, please contact us below and our Member Support Team will be glad to reply and assist you.

Hop2it Ventures

To learn more about our global business ventures and if you would like to participate as an Investor or in our Membership Program, navigate around this site and learn more, or contact us online by dropping us an email inquiry.

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