Hop2it Gold Mining

Hop2it has been interested in Gold Mining for many years as a means of underwriting its payment systems. Since 2017 the company has entered into deals to merge or acquire a Gold Mine in Australia and in recent times we have achieved this as well as other mining interests.

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Nukinenda Dyke

Gold has been mined manually in the Nukinenda Dyke region for over one hundred years. A small 30 feet mine still exists. Hop2it intends to small scale mine the property and add value with environmental tourism and other revenue creating projects.

Our Mining Approach

Our plan for mining the Nukinenda Dyke is to operate a “small scale” mining operation large enough to create significant monthly cash flow, yet small enough to be manageable and not to drain resources from Hop2it’s other ventures.

We believe and in line with the JORC Report on the Nukinenda Dyke, that by operating the Gold and Arsenic Mine, that we can enjoy strong monthly income which we can tune to the preservation of the local environment.

How Can You Invest In This Venture

This venture has issued a separate Private Offer for Sophisticated or Wholesale Investors. Hop2it Members can enjoy a discount on the Share price offered. This Private Offer is made and issued pursuant to the Corporations Law of Australia.  To receive a copy of the Private Offer, click on the button below or Contact Us by email on the form below.

Our Mining Projects

Australian Mines

Aussie mining assets were chosen as a starting point due to the global travel restrictions applied to the Corvid 19 Pandemic.

Nukinenda Gold Mine

Gold & Arsenic Mining

Hop2it is involved in the acquisition of a Gold & Arsenic Mine two hours northwest of Brisbane Australia. The mine has a JORC Report which values the mine in excess of USD$100 million.

JORC Report

Formal JORC Valuations

Of importance, a JORC Code Report was completed and paid for on this Gold and Arsenic mining project in 2018. The Jorc Report paints a projected value of the mine.

Small Scale Gold Mining 

Gold Wash Plant

We plan to commence mining in Q4 of 2021 on a small scale utilizing our own Gold Wash Plant with Scrubber and Trommel. We anticipate a return of USD$500,000 per month net.


In 2021 Hop2it uptook an opportunity to acquire a Gold and Arsenic Mining operation some 2 hours drive from Brisbane Australia. The mine lays across the Nukinenda Dyke and significant costs were incurred to develop a JORC Code Report. Such a Jorc Report is designed to evaluate the potential yield of the mine through Core Samples and other scientific means. The Jorc Report is our road map and provides estimates and other projections and models that we are basing our returns upon per tone of material processed.

The Jorc Code Report estimates over AUD$100 million of gold projected against the test area of the Jorc and the core sampling taken. The additional EPM’s (Exploration Permit Minerals) expand the gold mining opportunity to an estimated USD500 million.

The property currently under control has both mining and exploratory rights for Gold, Arsenic, and other bi-products. In addition the Nukinenda Dyke and its free-flowing creek are being reviewed for environmental tourism which may be profitable with the onset of Corvid 19 and international travel restrictions.

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