Hop2it Supported Ventures

Hop2it operates a global Trade & Property Exchange and our Supported Venture services provide many of our trading companies with a means of introduction to investors and other Members who have interest in the development and uplift they may receive from the success of these exciting Ventures which we support as far as IPO and beyond.

The Company has adopted and enhanced an exciting and proven method of assisting start-up ventures to raise capital and commercialize new technologies. We call the start-up company a Supported Venture. We enter into Mandates to raise vitally needed equity capital. We also enter into Supported Venture Agreements with the start-ups and provide them with a range of paid services to assist them in the pursuit of the development and commercialization of their new products. Brokerages and fees are payable for these services.

These paid services are –

  • SAM – strategic advice and mentoring;
  • PAM – promotion and marketing of the company, its shares, and its products;
  • REG – establishment, and management of all registers like share, IP, assets, employees, stock, debtors, and creditors;
  • GRANT – securing and managing government and industry grants.

The focus is on brokering shares in start-up enterprises and alternative investments. The Hop2it Global Ventures already has Supported Venture Agreements with numerous start-ups at various stages of development. These provide Members with investment opportunities with exciting new companies at early stage prices.

Request A Copy Of Our Offer Documents

If you are interested in Investing in our Venture or Property Funds in support of our start-up’s or earning dividends from debenture loans or property profits, simply request our Private Placement documentation below. Make sure you have Registered as Member and you are Logged in.

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