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Good Food Addict (GFA) Pty Ltd t/a Murrumbooee is an Australian company incorporated in 1998. Hop2it acquired GFA as one of its business ventures in 2015. In 2017 Hop2it purchased the Murrumbooee Australian & International Condiment business and commenced manufacturing export quality food to support the then 400 retail outlets and US customers.

The word “Murrumbooee” is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “Cascading Water or waterfall”. The Murrumbooee waterfall is a real place, in the Gilbraltar National Park in northern New South Wales and is surrounded by the Kimilari Aboriginal Tribe. The recipes for Murrumbooee food comprise of ingredients such as Bush Tomatoes; Finger Limes; Dorago Pepper; Davidson Plum and other Bush Tucker spices, which grow in these regions of Australia.

We have captured the main elements of the GFA business which comprises food production, supplements infusion, and cultivation. GFA is working with Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd, another synergistic Hop2it Venture, to develop a natural food preservative and specialized fertilizer for the cultivation of Moringa and Hemp supplements, now legal in Australia.

Why Murrumbooee

The Murrumbooee food business was acquired by Hop2it in 2017 and tucked under the Good Food Addict Pty Ltd company for management purposes.

Good Food Addict Pty Ltd

Incorporated in 1998 GFA acts as our holding company for the management and governance of our human food-related Hop2it Green Ventures. GFA is experienced in the export of high-quality Australian food and produce and has exported tonnes of Infant Formula, Poultry, Seafood, Meat, and Game to Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Secondly, we seek mergers with the owners with acquisition options so we can learn all the elements of the specific mining interest.

How Can You Invest

Hop2it Members are allowed to invest directly into Good Food Addict Pty Ltd. GFA produces its own Private Offer document pursuant to the Corporations Act of Australia and welcomes new Investors. 

How GFA Works For Its Shareholders

Good Food Addict Pty Ltd is a freestanding business of which Hop2it is the major Shareholder. Any profits made by GFA through sales of Murrumbooee branded products are distributed to Shareholders quarterly.

Good Food Addict Pty Ltd

Murrumbooee Branded Foods

Everyone loves good food! GFA is all Australian and is connected with the Aboriginal community to develop “Bush Tucker” and “Bush Remedies”. The Australian Aboriginals have been eating and using bush produce for food and wellness for 60,000 years. There has been some effect on GFA through the onslaught of Corvid 19 and the restrictions experienced through this pandemic. Management has been able to maintain a “steady course” and expanded the business in this time for the betterment of Hop2it Members at large.

Good Food Addict Pty Ltd

Murrumbooee Bush Foods

Hop2it completed the acquisition and restructure of this food business in 2017 and by the end of 2018 had added value by the infusion of natural supplements found in Hemp and Moringa plants. Murrumboooee managed by GFA, has a range of 33 Condiments, powders and oils.

Export Quality Foods

Australian Bush Condiments

Murrumbooee branded Jams and Cordials; Chutneys, Pickles, and Preserves;  Salt, Pepper, and Dukkah Mixes, as well as BBQ and Hot Sauces, make up the condiment range. To expand the line, we infuse, Hemp Seeds, Moringa & Hemp Oil, and powder for our set of “Keto Tucker” brands.

Cultivated Food Supplements

Moringa & Hemp Products

Hop2it chose Hemp after our CBD experience in the USA and law changes in Australia. Moringa is well known to management and via our travels in Asia through 2018/19 we added this special plant to our supplement list. We have moved to the propagation and cultivation of these plants. 


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