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Hop2it has been interested in Gold Mining for many years as a means of underwriting its payment systems. Since 2017 the company has entered into deals to merge or acquire a Gold Mine in Australia and in recent times we have achieved this as well as other mining interests.

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Nukinenda Dyke

Gold has been mined manually in the Nukinenda Dyke region for over one hundred years. A small 30 feet mine still exists on our property. Hop2it has acquired the company that owns a Freehold property with Mining Rights on the Dyke. We intend to not mine the property but to enhance the land with a plantation to commence Carbon Mining and production of CO2 Units for sale.

Cheltenham & Coonambula Gold, Sand & Stone

Hop2it has been negotiating the acquisition of this exciting venture for two years. The company Coonambula Resources Pty Ltd and its four subsidaries have been acquired and have been formally added to Hop2it’s asset portfolio as of December 2021. An  existing Extractive Permit, Environmental License, Mining and Exploratory Licences exist on two separate Cattle Stations and relate to sand, gravel and decroative stone, alluvial gold, available under a Mining License ML-100132 issued by the Queensland Mining Department to CRG for this purpose,. Both these mining and quarrying tenements reside on properties 3 hours north west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Hop2it has now comleted due diligence and acquired the Coonambuka Group of Companie and their assets in the form a ML-100132 and Quarry Permit 174-09 as late as December 2021 and is moving to provide working caoital to create new revenue for the betterment of our existing Hop2it shareholders.

Nukinenda Dyke Mining Rights

Hop2it acquires Pavstar Pty Ltd (www.pavstar.com.au) Our plan for mining the Nukinenda Dyke and our Freehold Land there is not to damage the environment with evasive mining operations which we have the Rights to conduct, instead, we intend to operate a “small scale” Carbon Mining operation large enough to create significant annual revenue and significant profit from the sale of Carbon Credits.

A JORC Report compliant with the Code, was completed on the on the Nukinenda Dyke, which shows significant minerals there which we may consider mining in the future, in the meantime we desire to preservation of the local environment.

Coonambula Gold Mine – ML 100132

The Coonambula Resources Group project comes with two separate licenses and permitted business activities. On the Cheltenham Station resides an approved Mining Lease ML-100132 and on the Coonambula Station adjoining that property resides an Extractive Industries Permit No. 175-09 for the use to extract sand, gravel and stone. With Hop2it’s recent acquisition and newfound knowledge via a due diligence period in the 4th Quarter 2021, we are excited to announce that these assets are now a part of Hop2it’s Mining and Resources sector assets. Following our due diligence and acquisition, we now plan to resume gold mining under CRG’s ML-100132  in Q2 2022  on the Cheltenham Station which will allows us time through the pandemic to continue our learning curve in the logistics of processing sand, gravel and stone to our depot in Forest Glen for sales, Covid-19 permitting.

How Can You Invest In Hop2it’s Australian Company & Ventures

Hop2it is a company that operates a number of ventures in three industry sectors as you can read in this website. Our mining ventures, now include the newer mining and quarrying projects on the two properties at Coonambula which were added to our asset portfolio on the 1st December 2021. Following our announcement about the CG acquisition, we have fielded inquiries from our existing Shareholders wishing to increase their portfolio’s. Although, in other sectors we entertained direct investment into separately incorporated companies we acquire, for this purpose we issue separate Private Offer documents to qualified Sophisticated or Wholesale Investors to consider. Since our  acquisition of the CRG Group and our time in the following weeks to evaluate its needs. 

Although it can, Hop2it management made the decision after due diligence not to offer any shares directly to any individual or entity in any of the five CRG associated companies.

In parallel, Hop2it has written to any ASIC registered shareholder and requested the transfer of all or any shares from them for Hop2it shares. Following this recent decision, for anyone wishing to participate in any other Hop2it business ventures in the Green Sector or Renewable Energy, a Hop2it Private Offer can be made available to any approved person making such an inquiry and said document will be issued pursuant to the Corporations Law of Australia.

To receive a copy of Hop2it’s Private Offer, click on the button below or Contact Us by email on the form provided upon which you will be contacted personally.


Our Mining & Quarry Projects

Australian Mining Rights

Aussie mining assets were chosen as a starting point due to the global travel restrictions applied to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Nukinenda Mining Rights

Mineral & Carbon Mining

Hop2it is involved in the acquisition of a Freehold parcel of land on the Nukinenda Dyke two hours northwest of Brisbane Australia. The property has Mining Rights and a JORC Code Report exists showing all available minerals. We do not intent to upset the local environment however we will conduct CO2 sequestration on the property and surrounding Cattle Station.

Historical JORC Code Report

Formal JORC Valuations

Importantly, a JORC Code Report was prepared some years ago and core drill holes sunk to focus on Gold and Arsenic mining at that time. The Jorc Report paints a projected value of minerals located in the Dyke. As a Landowner we decided not to destroy the environment but to develop Carbon Sequestration programs using plantations to create saleable Carbon Certificates.

CO2 Carbon Sequestration 

Carbon Mining

We plan to commence Carbon Mining in Q1 of 2021 on a small scale by the commencement of the planning of a 2.5 million tree plantation of a special tree which we expertise in and which has the capability to capture CO2 for our Carbon Sequestration Partner Program with surrounding Landowners, subject to any restrictions placed upon us by Covid-19.


In 2021 Hop2it up took an opportunity to acquire a Gold and Arsenic Mining operation some two hours’ drive from Brisbane Australia. Pavstar Pty Ltd, a Queensland company incorporated in 1987 changed hands to Hop2it in December 2021. This Freehold property, now a Hop2it asset, lays across the Nukinenda Dyke and significant costs were incurred by the Founders to develop a JORC Code Report. Such a Jorc Report is designed to evaluate the potential yield of any mining activity and is prepared against Core Samples and other scientific means. The Jorc Report is our road map and provides estimates and other projections and models that formed the basis of prospective returns from the extraction of minerals from the property.

The Jorc Code Report estimates over AUD$100 million of mineral assets projected against the test area of the JORC and the core sampling taken. The freehold land, making Hop2it the Landowner, protects against any unwanted mining and of course comes with Mineral Rights on the land. There is a watercourse on the property and other environmentally attractive features to this very remote property.

The company management has decided not to involve invasive mining activities on the newly acquired property for whatever minerals that are to be found, but to enhance the “green” capability of the property by working with other landowners on neighbouring Cattle Stations to develop a significant plantation capable of sequestrating CO2 which can be converted to Australian Government Certified Carbon Certificates which Hop2it plans to produce and sell with its Singapore based company and partners over the Blockchain.


Cheltenham Station Gold

The Coonambula Group operate a Mining Lease ML-100132  which Hop2it has now completed the acquisition of. This mining operation is two hours northwest of Brisbane Australia.

Coonambula Quarry 

Government Permit 175-09

Now that we completed our due diligence and acquisition, this provides clarity of an Extractive Industry Permot 175-09 for sand, gravel and stone which we will now exploit.

Decorative Stone 

Assets in Sand, Gravel & Stone

Decorative Stone is a by-product of our Coonambula Quarrying strategy. Sales of this product can be significant in capital cities where landscaping supplies are scarce.


Hop2it has spent considerable time and resources on due diligence between 1st September and 1st December 2021 on new acquisitions, including this project. This work-in-progress update to Hop2it Members or persons reading this website with interest, is in line with the information we now have at the completion point of our most recent acquisition. We learned much through the due diligence process of this gold mining and quarrying venture which we termed when we started in September 2021 as; “The Coonambula Project”. Through the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021 and through that Corvid-19 pandemic period, we managed to complete the acquisition of the Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd ACN 607 591 168 which has resulted in the acquisition by Hop2it of the five companies making up the Coonambula Resource Group (hence our project name and reference “CRG”). The Coonambula Resources Group has invested in gold mining and extractive quarrying of which it has interests spanning the Cheltenham Station and the Coonambula Station, some 4 hours north west of Brisbane. The following updated information is for the benefit of our existing Hop2it Shareholder/Members and anyone with a genuine interest in these recent business acquisitions of the Hop2it International Group.

  1. Gold Mining Under ML 100132 – Cheltenham Station

One of the five Coonambula Resource Group Pty Ltd (CRG) companies is Cheltenham Stone Pty Ltd ACN 619 616 311. CRG was issued with a Mining Lease by the Queensland Mining Department, which we ultimately intend to have Cheltenham Stone Pty Ltd manage when we are ready to implement our new Gold Mining plan for CRG in 2022.

CRG has been issued with, and operates a Mining Lease “ML-100132” which provides mining access for CRG and its managers onto the Cheltenham Station for the purposes of extracting Gold from alluvial material and other opportunities that exist there. The Cheltenham Station is a cattle property adjacent to the Coonambula Station and is separated its own Landowner title and CRG’s Mining Lease parameters issued by the Queensland Government’s mining department.

Whilst there have been a lot of the studies in the past that appear to have been focused only on Gold, we have taken the strategy of putting the gold mining opportunity on the Cheltenham Station as a secondary business opportunity to that of CRG’s extractive permitted Quarry on the Coonambula Station. We must admit that through our due diligence, there was a lot to take in, identify and understand in our investigation of the two separate business ventures residing on two separate cattle stations. Both these business ventures are overseen and authorised for CRG to operate by both the Local Government (the Quarry under Permit 175-09) and the State Government (the Mining Department under ML-100132), both of whom, do not talk to each other electronically and subsequently do not know of each other’s authorisations other than what they read in the public domain, in Public Notices.

With all of the permitted quarrying processes mentioned below on the Coonambula Station, a separate property to where CRG hold gold mining interests, the overburden on the Cheltenham Station will ultimately be processed and with the introduction of a Concentrator in the gold mining process there, any gold content can be removed under the Mining License ML-100132. We have seen reports on the whole region and specifically where the CRG Mining Lease resides, that only model .3 grams per tonne of gold may be available from any processed material. We read in these historic studies which are based on geology reports dating back to 1901 and which show figures in the region more like an average of 1.8 grams per tonne, and reefs of quartzite reporting up to 28 grams per tonne. On the conservative side, we have projected only .3 grams per tonne the gold in our modelling on a 10-year aggregate EBITDA calculation to measure in excess of $60mn if CRG’s ML-100132 on the Cheltenham Station achieves 1.8 grams per tonne. This may see the Hop2it EBITDA increase well in excess of $360mn over 10-year period based on our acquisition of the Coonambula Resource Group Pty Ltd and its assets. Like always, our feasibility studies have taken a conservative view, with nice surprises for our existing Hop2it Shareholders should we meet the milestones we place of the project and if our actual results exceed our projections. This ultimately means dividends to our Shareholders for their betterment.

This does not mean we are seeking to re-capitalise and structure the Coonambula Resources Group, on the contrary, we are re-structuring the CRG Group and removing all private shareholding from any associated company by either payout or movement to Hop2its Share Register. Hop2it always seeks to operate its acquisitions as an owned and operated asset basis where possible. To crystalize this part of the “Coonambula Project”, Hop2it has already engaged a Geologist to JORC (value to an international JORC Code standard) the resource under Mining License (ML-100132) on the Cheltenham Station and we expect this JORC Code Report to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2022 focused on any gold resource that exists under this licensed mining tenement.

  1. Primary Business Activity – Permitted Quarrying No. 175-09

To update our Hop2it Members on this part of the Coonambula Resources Group asset, GRG has a separate company Riverstone Resources Pty Ltd ACN 140 911 922 which was issued with a Quarry Permit dated 12th April 2009, No. 175-09 which has an operating Status Code with Local Government of MCU 17509. In addition, CRG has applied for and was issued with an Environment Authority License, BRID0052, which was upgraded and re-issued to CRG on 19th October 2017 when the Environmental Authority amended their legislation. This Permit and License have been issued to CRG for the purposes of extracting high quality Sand, Gravel and Stone from an adjoining cattle property called the Coonambula Station have nothing to do with CRG’s Gold Mining Leases operating under ML-100132 on the adjoining Cheltenham Station.

Through our due diligence in 2021 we learned of a significant dispute between an independent company who applied for Mining Lease or MLA as described above, over the existing permitted Quarry owned by the Coonambula Resources Group and licensed to its subsidiary Riverstone Resources Pty Ltd. By the process of our acquisition endeavors, we too became embroiled in this dispute and the formal Objection that CRG placed with the Queensland Land Court. We are not alien to such involvement and we simply evaluated the bona fides as we saw them through our research and advice and continued with our acquisition of the CRG Group.

We conducted extensive inquiries into the Land Court matter between the parties and came to a conclusion that; “Hop2it should continue with its investment and acquisition of the Coonambula Resources Group and associated companies”. We learned about CRG’s “going concern” Quarry business opportunity, which was one of our acquisition focus points under the GST Act 2001, and we saw that CRG as a Group of companies had invested significant money and time into developing two distinct and separate business interests in Gold Mining and Extractive Quarrying and as our education evolved into December 2021, we became more excited about both of these CRG business opportunities.

With both a Mining Lease (ML-100132) and a Quarrying Permit No. 175-09 accompanying the Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd acquisition, we have targeted our attentions upon the Quarrying business on the Coonambula Station first, and the Gold Mining operations on the Cheltenham Station second.  Through Hop2it management’s newly educated position within the extractive industries business (Quarrying), we now see that we have three (3) target products available to the company immediately, High Quality Construction Sand; Gravel and Decorative Stone, as opposed to only two (2) products we had first thought, being just Sand and Gravel. These products are synergistic with the assets and developments we are engaging on a 60 acre (24.28 hectares) property at Forest Glen, an ex-sand quarry where we will be transporting the extracted material to from Coonambula Station for secondary sieving, processing and direct sales to the construction community.

At the conclusion of our due diligence in the last quarter (Q4) 2021, the permitted Quarrying Project on the Coonambula Station is now seen by us to be commercially viable. By December we identified the Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd and Riverstone Resources Pty Ltd companies as having “going concerns”, which as Hop2it understands it, this quarrying business matches the future business use description which we have discussed with the Coonambula Station Landowner for the establishment of an extended and sustainable ongoing business opportunity in “Carbon Mining” or CO2 Carbon Sequestration. If we apply our technology to this added value enterprise and in parallel to CRG’s Environmental Authority License and obligations, this mutual opportunity could add significant EBITDA value to Hop2it’s bottom-line profit and increase the Landholders compensation significantly for the foreseeable years to come. All Hop2it company acquisitions such as this Coonambula Project must confirm to a set of rules we apply via a FeaseX business model to. By ensuring this we can model projects for the betterment for all of our existing Hop2it Shareholders whom reside in approximately 20 countries world-wide.

By 1st December 2021 Hop2it had invested a significant amount of money to assist CRG with its force majeure problems experienced through the Covid-19 period since January 2020 and we instructed the collective Accountants and ASIC of these changes after which we had our web designers on standby to update this website and others of our findings and the outcomes through this process as they come to hand and decide any outcomes. This website update is part of that commercial process, and is an educated update of the actual position of the CRG businesses and assets and Hop2it’s new business plans developed in the last weeks and which will be ratified through the first quarter (Q1) 2022.

In December 2021, we assisted the CRG Directors to develop a website and extend other marketing material which they had already developed in their company. This website can be seen at www.coonambula.com.au. We contacted all CRG and any of its associated companies Shareholders or members at any level and introduced Hop2it as the new owner of the CRG Group of companies. At that point in December 2021, we had no intention of requesting any further investment capital from any member, for as we informed each of them in writing, we had already invested capital and time into CRG last quarter and we had budgeted through a FeaseX, additional working capital in that modelling plan to the end of 2022.

2.1 Sand 

The grade and quality of particle sizes of sand have two target markets with correspondents ready to enter supply agreements as follows:-

      2.1.1  Local Construction Sand Supply

The Coonambula Station sand is of quality for a primary input to concrete production, with a local company that operates 5 mobile batch plants within a 200 km radius of the permitted resource. Nationally there is a push to go to a standard concrete road system with 3 times the life of traditional asphalt. We are seeing more and more highways and roads being constructed of concrete as the shift begins to roll out. We have modelled up to $30.00 per tonne for the high-quality graded sand which we plan to deliver within 200 km radius of the Coonambula Station resource. The cost of grading and washing has been factored into our feasibility, this part of the project is ready to launch into production.

        2.1.2  Export Sand

We have had numerous export inquiries for construction sand into Asia with the local sources in Singapore no longer available due to new environmental law implementation and policing by the international protection authorities. Our CRG Coonambula Quarry project has the necessary environmental licenses and plans to export product. We have factored a sales rate of up to USD$54.00 per tonne delivered to the Asian market. We have checked logistics and site visited an export facility in Bundaberg with full support from the Bundaberg Port Authority and with that infrastructure in place, it is possible for us to plan for exports up to 40,000 tonne lots in a Panama shipping vessel.

Whilst the profitability per tonne is slightly less than the local construction sand, the volumes make the profitability and sustainability of this operation viable, this has all been factored into our feasibility model.

  1. Decorative Stone

The deposit is basically a reef formation with a weakly bonded mixture of sand and quartzite decorative stone with some slight gold content in both the sand and stone. The stone is a high grade of various sizes and colours, there are two markets for this stone once graded by strength and colour.

        3.1  Landscape Decorative Stone

High quality washed stone with decorative colours with reasonable access to the SEQ landscape supply market the quality and colour have been modelled into our feasibility study at a retail rate of $65 per tonne delivered which is very achievable.

        3.2  Concrete  Aggregate

The higher strengths quartzite stone can be crushed to 10mm and 20mmm sizing to accompany the concrete sand supply chain for the production of concrete locally.

        3.3  Export Aggregates

The volumes of, and the stone grade is perfect for export to the Asian market for the manufacture of tiles, benchtops, etc, coupled with Hopt2its planned Kaolin exports from another of our mining interests, the establishment of these supply-demand chains will be done simultaneously with Kaolin customers in many instances up taking orders for both products.

  1. Agriculture & Land Rehabilitation

It was the view of Hop2it and aspiration that the purchase of the freehold of Coonambula Cattle Station would have been in the best interest of the project and the company long term, however after due diligence and discussions with the Landowner, it is unlikely that this will ever eventuate. With shared infrastructure, equipment, and resources we first thought that the CRG gold mining process and the waste from that process when transferred, might assist transform Coonambula Station into a full production Agricultural Enterprise, however, again through our due diligence, we learned that the Mining Licenced enterprise of CRG (ML-100132) resides on a separate property, the Cheltenham Station and the Coonambula Station has an Extractive Industries Permit 175-09 only for sand, gravel and stone only.

With large holes dug for historic mining exploration purposes (EPM), we soon learned that the Coonambula Station has only enough water to provide GRG’s quarrying activities with “dust control” and therefore we can see no future in any gold mining exploration to be conducted by Hop2it or any company there. This position was reinforced by our reading of previous mining exploration reports by CSR in the eighties and from data of their 13 or more drill holes they undertook to confirm this. Although the disputed mining activities between the parties is based on a new Mining Application, CSR advised in their report that they too abandoned any thought of gold mining on the Coonambula Station way back then and after they expired time effort and money coming to that conclusion.

As a stroke of luck for Hop2it, CRG understood this and maintained their focus on Quarrying under their local government issued Permit and Environmental License. We only learned these mission critical facts by December 2021 after we met with the Landowner/s and spoke with their Lawyer. It was accepted by all that to even consider expanding the Quarrying activities on the Coonambula Station to that of gold mining would have serious effects on the water resources there and other commercial and environmental issues which may contravene CRG’s Environmental License.

We are delighted to now update our Members that as of the first quarter 2022, Hop2it is well and truly in the business of extracting sand, gravel and stone. As stated above, we have commenced the preparation of a 60-acre property we have for this purpose at Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast to use as Quarry Depot for the construction industry to access these extracted materials and which we will commence the heavy transporting of the same from the Coonambula Station, as is now our business.

As we previously advised on this page, we intend to introduce a rapid growth crop of a plant called Moringa. This plant is used in the forage production and human wellness. It is our belief and the subject of discussions with the Landowner, that the current traditional profit yields of Coonambula Station can be 10-fold through the commercial planting of this tree and the mining of CO2 to produce Carbon Certificates for sale. We have discussed this with the Coonambula Station Landowner and proposed in writing a way forward commercially. This plan enhances CRG’s Environmental License and will not see any stress on the water resource as would say, gold mining. The Landowner agreed reluctantly at first, and now sees an opportunity like this as a good way forward, notwithstanding the Landowners obligation for Carbon Neutrality as mandated by the Federal Government through COP26.

Again from an update against our due diligence, we see the permitted Quarrying business silo on projection and full roll-out reporting an EBITDA of $55million over 10 years and with the inclusion of the Coonambula Station which CRG holds the Quarry Permit 175-09 over and the Cheltenham Station which holds CRG’s Mining Lease (ML-100132) this additional acreage under land recovery plantation will provide a new agricultural and CO2 Carbon Sequestration opportunity that Hop2it brings to the Landowners annual income for years to come.

Notwithstanding any long-term land rehabilitation requirements CRG has on the Cheltenham Station for Gold Mining under its ML-100132 and the possible ravages that the permitted extractive quarrying business on the Coonambula Station for sand, gravel and stone extraction may have on these two cattle stations, Hop2it brings environmental solutions for the mining component which has different variables and the quarrying operation which is somewhat less invasive. We intend to satisfy the Environment Authority License BRID0052 issued to Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd in October 2017 with the introduction of Hop2it technology and management.

Prior to December 1st 2021, Coonambula Resources Group offered opportunities for the public to acquire equity or other benefits in the Group. As of this date, Hop2it will NOT be offering any direct shares in any CRG company. On the contrary, as we have instructed CRG’s Brisbane based Accountants to commence the transfer of all Shares from these five companies to Hop2it Australasia.

For further and more accurate and specific information as we have uncovered through due diligence, we refer you to www.coonambula.com.au as CRG’s business website telling of its history back to 2004 and its ongoing business interests.

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