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Hop2it has been interested in Gold Mining for many years as a means of underwriting its payment systems. Since 2017 the company has entered into deals to merge or acquire a Gold Mine in Australia and in recent times we have achieved this as well as other mining interests.

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Nukinenda Dyke

Gold has been mined manually in the Nukinenda Dyke region for over one hundred years. A small 30 feet mine still exists. Hop2it intends to small scale mine the property and add value with environmental tourism and other revenue creating projects.

Coonambula Gold

Hop2it has been negotiating the acquisition of this exciting venture for two years. The existing Mining and Exploratory Licences relate to alluvial Gold, high-quality commercial Sand and Decorative Stone that exist on the property 3 hours west of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Nukinenda Dyke Gold Mine

Our plan for mining the Nukinenda Dyke is to operate a “small scale” mining operation large enough to create significant monthly cash flow, yet small enough to be manageable and not to drain resources from Hop2it’s other ventures.

We believe and in line with the JORC Report on the Nukinenda Dyke, that by operating the Gold and Arsenic Mine, that we can enjoy strong monthly income which we can tune to the preservation of the local environment.

Coonambula Gold Mine

This exciting venture has mining and explorative licenses held over a large cattle station in Sth East Queensland. The project boasts high volumes of alluvial Gold amidst Sand of the highest export quality and Decorative Stone which has markets in every capital city for landscaping and other purposes. We have completed agreements and feasibility studies and are raising capital to commence mining to create revenue and profits.

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Our Mining Projects

Australian Mines

Aussie mining assets were chosen as a starting point due to the global travel restrictions applied to the Corvid 19 Pandemic.

Nukinenda Gold Mine

Gold & Arsenic Mining

Hop2it is involved in the acquisition of a Gold & Arsenic Mine two hours northwest of Brisbane Australia. The mine has a JORC Report which values the mine in excess of USD$100 million.

JORC Report

Formal JORC Valuations

Of importance, a JORC Code Report was completed and paid for on this Gold and Arsenic mining project in 2018. The Jorc Report paints a projected value of the mine.

Small Scale Gold Mining 

Gold Wash Plant

We plan to commence mining in Q4 of 2021 on a small scale utilizing our own Gold Wash Plant with Scrubber and Trommel. We anticipate a return of USD$500,000 per month net.


In 2021 Hop2it up took an opportunity to acquire a Gold and Arsenic Mining operation some 2 hours drive from Brisbane Australia. The mine lays across the Nukinenda Dyke and significant costs were incurred to develop a JORC Code Report. Such a Jorc Report is designed to evaluate the potential yield of the mine through Core Samples and other scientific means. The Jorc Report is our road map and provides estimates and other projections and models that we are basing our returns upon per tonne of material processed.

The Jorc Code Report estimates over AUD$100 million of gold projected against the test area of the Jorc and the core sampling taken. The additional EPM’s (Exploration Permit Minerals) expand the gold mining opportunity to an estimated USD500 million.

The property currently under control has both mining and exploratory rights for Gold, Arsenic, and other bi-products. In addition the Nukinenda Dyke and its free-flowing creek are being reviewed for environmental tourism which may be profitable with the onset of Corvid 19 and international travel restrictions.

Coonambula Gold

Alluvial Gold

The Coonambula Mine is alluviam haHop2it is involved in the acquisition of a Gold & Arsenic Mine two hours northwest of Brisbane Australia. The mine has a JORC Report which values the mine in excess of USD$100 million.

Coonambula Sand

High-Quality Sand

The alluvial Gold resides within the high-quality Sand on the property. Once washed of Gold, the Sand has a high value in markets such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Decorative Stone 

Assets in Stone

Decorative Stone is a by-product of our Coonambula Mining strategy. Sales of this product are significant in capital cities where landscaping supplies are scarce.


Considerable time has been conducted on the due diligence on this exciting project through the Corvid 19 pandemic period with the following summary results.

1.  Gold Production

Whilst a lot of the studies in the past have been focused only on Gold, we have taken the strategy of putting it as a secondary resource. With all of the quarrying processes mentioned below, the overburden is processed and with the introduction of a Concentrator in the quarry process line or a Centrifuge, the Gold content can be removed. We have only modelled .3 g per tonne of processed quarry material, with previous studies based on geology reports dating back to 1901 reporting figures more like an average of 1.8 g per tonne and reefs of quartzite reporting up to 28 g per tonne. On the conservative projection of .3 g per tonne the gold silo reports a 10-year aggregate EBITDA in excess of $60mn if it achieves 1.8 grams per tonne, the EBITDA will be in access of $360mn over 10 year period. Like always our feasibility studies have taken a conservative view with nice surprises for the Shareholders to come as actual results exceed projections. To crystalize this part of the project Hop2it has already engaged a Geologist to Jorc (value to an international standard) the resource, we expect this JORC to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

2.  Primary – Quarrying.

With quarrying licenses accompanying the acquisition with the two primary target products available immediately. The project needs to be commercially viable and sustainable on this silo along with the other two silos being secondary to add to the bottom-line profit of the aggregation.

2.1  Sand

The grade and quality of particle sizes of sand have two target markets with correspondents ready to enter supply agreements as flows.

      2.1.1  Local Construction Sand Supply

The sand is of quality for a primary input to concrete production, with a local company that operates 5 mobile batch plants within a 200 km radius of the resource. Nationally there is a push to go to a standard concrete road system with 3 times the life of traditional asphalt. We are seeing more and more highways and roads being constructed of concrete as the shift begins to roll out. We have modelled $30 / tonne for the high-quality graded sand delivered within 200 km of the resource. The cost of grading and washing has been factored into the feasibility, this part of the project is ready to launch into production.

        2.1.2  Export Sand

We have had numerous export inquiries for construction sand into Asia with the local sources in Singapore no longer available due to new environmental law implementation and policing by the international protection authorities. Our project has the necessary environmental licenses and plans to export and we have factored a sales rate of $54/ tonne delivered to the market. We have checked logistics and site visited an export facility in Bundaberg with full support from the Bundaberg port authority and infrastructure in place to export 40,000 tonne lots in a Panama vessel.

Whilst the profitability per tonne is slightly less than the local construction sand, the volumes make the profitability and sustainability of this operation viable, this has all been factored into our feasibility model.

3.  Decorative Stone

The deposit is basically reef formation with a weakly bonded mixture of sand and quartzite decorative stone with gold content in both the sand and stone. The stone is a high grade of various sizes and colours, there are two markets for this stone once graded by strength and colour.

        3.1  Landscape Decorative Stone

High quality washed stone with decorative colours with reasonable access to the SEQ landscape supply market the quality and colour have been modelled into our feasibility study at a retail rate of $65 per tonne delivered which is very achievable.

        3.2  Concrete  Aggregate

The higher strengths quartzite stone can be crushed to 10mm and 20mmm sizing to accompany the concrete sand supply chain for the production of concrete locally.

        3.3  Export Aggregates

The volumes of and stone grade is perfect for export to the world ceramics markets in Asia for the manufacture of tiles, benchtops, etc, coupled with hopt2its Kaolin export the establishment of these supply-demand chains will be done simultaneously with Kaolin orders in many instances.

4.  Agriculture & Land Rehabilitation

It is the view of Hop2it that the purchase of the freehold of Coonambula Cattle Station is in the best interest of the project and the company long term. With shared infrastructure, equipment, and resources. The mining process can transform Coonambula Station into a full production Agricultural Enterprise. With large holes dug for mining to provide the be necessary water resources and synergistic use of mining equipment to build the necessary water distribution network on the farm. With the introduction of the rapid crop of a new product called Moringa for forage production and human wellness, the current traditional profit yields of Coonambula station can be 10 fold. This business silo on projection and full roll-out reports an EBITDA of $55million over 10 years and the 30,000-acre property has the land for this revolutionary agricultural project. Within excess of 1000 Megalitres of water storage progressively being available during the extraction process of the mining and quarrying, the green resource can grow at a similar rate to the progression of extraction. The rehabilitation requirements of the mining operations become a profitable part of the project as opposed to a cost, this is the new benchmark in the mining industry set by Hop2it.

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