What Do We Do


Trading is in Our DNA!

The Hop2it project commenced in 2012 with the setup of an office in Hong Kong to oversee the import of Infant Formula for direct sale in China. Hop2it traded in powdered milk and other commodities due to problems experienced in China which drove the domestic price out of the reach of mothers there. In the five-year period to 2018, Hop2it traded seafood, poultry, meat, and game in Asia and Pacifica.

It was decided to acquire assets in 2018 commencing with the Murrumbooee branded food manufacturing business managed by Good Food Addict Pty Ltd. This advanced to the manufacture of CBD wellness products in the USA and on to where we are in 2021 concentrating on acquisitions and mergers in the Mining Resource, Green Sector, and Renewable Energy and Technology.



Hop2it endeavors to develop strong business relationships with the creators of the businesses it merges with or acquires through purchase or trade. Hop2it’s experience increases expediently through our hands-on experience.


Managed Business Portfolio

As new business mergers and acquisitions are undertaken, Hop2it expands its contract management. We now manage business interests in three primary industry sectors, including the Green Sector, Mining & Resources, and Technology.


Return On Investment

Hop2it’s primary role is to manage our business portfolio to the point of revenue and profits. The provision of dividends to our Members depends on profitable business interests.

How Hop2it Works

Our Unique Approach

Hop2it has active Invested Members and Shareholders in over 20 countries of the world with a growing base since commencement in trade in 2012. In recent years we have modified our business approach to that of significant asset acquisition due to the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic, which has seen Hop2it restructure itself and move from trading commodities to Asset Portfolio Management as the Majority Owner and current further  Acquisitions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Partnerships

The essence of Hop2it’s mergers or acquisitions of existing disruptive businesses is an ongoing partnership with the creators or founders. The Corvid 19 Pandemic has created many new opportunities.

Hop2it Members

Investor Relation

Hop2it maintains contact and loyalty to vestige members or those who joined via regional entities. Importantly, our centralized holding company is required to maintain relations with Members worldwide.

Revenue & Profits

Growing Portfolio

Through the unfortunate global events, Hop2it has been able to remodel itself and make a number of strategic acquisitions of exciting business opportunities. Our business portfolio is growing expedientially.

Contact Us

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about any of our business ventures of Hop2it Membership, please contact us below and our Member Support Team will be glad to reply and assist you.

Hop2it Global Ventures

To learn more about our global business ventures and if you would like to participate as an Investor or in our Membership Program, navigate around this site and learn more, or contact us online by dropping us an email inquiry.

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