Trade Dollars

Hop2it Digital Trade Dollars

Hop2it Members use the Hop2it’s proprietary Trade Dollar currency to enable them to trade products and services between themselves. Hop2it trade dollars are issued and managed by Hop2it Trade & Property Exchanges in compliance with regional taxation laws pertaining to the use of Trade Dollars when Members use an electronic accounting process to record the value of transactions between Members called Hop2it digital Trade Dollars.

Its a matter of TAX – Hop2it provides an alternative method of trading when cash reserves are low or you don’t have access to alternative lines of credit. Most importantly the Hop2it “Trade Dollar Currency” is a system approved by almost all western governments and in particular the US Internal Revenue and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) under ruling IT2668 whereby “One Trade dollar is equal in value to one Australian dollar” as examples. Therefore, Hop2it Trade Dollars are taxable and tax-deductible under the same conditions as cash income.

These paid services are –Trade or Barter is the exchange of goods and services without the need for cash. This form of business dates back to the beginnings of civilization. However, trade or barter, in a modern context, may suffer from a lack of flexibility. For example, the goods to be traded between two parties are not always of equal value, and a Trader does not necessarily want to trade for the particular goods that another Trader wants to exchange.

What is Trading?

Organized Barter, via Hop2it’s Trade Exchange, overcomes the problems and restrictions of simple Barter or contra arrangements and provides fiscal and identity protection between the Buyer and Seller.

Acting as a clearinghouse, the Hop2it Australian Trade Exchange offers flexibility, in that a Trader can trade with any other participant without the need for a direct exchange. Hop2it provides an accounting and administrative facility which monitors the debits and credits of all participants, using an accounting unit which is a Trade Dollar (T$). A Trade Dollar serves as a medium of exchange, recording the value of transactions between Buyers and Sellers within the Hop2it Australia Trade Exchange. In addition, the Hop2it Trade Exchange offers many benefits to Members, most importantly the ability to conserve cash and increase sales. What is particularly appealing is that the cash cost of goods sold in a property trade or any trade of goods or services is generally less than the value received in a trade. By re-using those Trade Dollars to purchase services or goods a substantial cash saving can be achieved. In addition, Hop2it has provided a commercial process where both businesses can trade with other businesses (B2B), which is the main traditional means of barter trading, however, Hop2it has opened it up to the private sector, P2B and B2P. This is one of the strengths and a primary point of difference of the Hop2it Trade Exchange.

Trade On Mobile Phone orPC

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